Relocation Services

We assist individuals and corporate clients to settle their relocated families and employees into a new environment in Tanzania and Kenya as efficiently and harmoniously as possible.

Our standard services are intended to smooth the path for individuals or companies and their employees considering a short- or long-term stay in Tanzania and Kenya. All services include an initial assessment, individual or group program design, budget, and terms & conditions.

These include :

  • Orientation Tours
  • Pre-Arrival Visit
  • Short-Term Arrival
  • Arrival & Settling-In
  • Education & Childcare
  • Partner & Family Assistance
  • Welcome Options
  • Temporary Housing
  • Home Searches
  • Private Vehicles
  • Departure
  • Household Furnishings & Specialists

Individual components are offered as stand-alone services or they can be assembled into a custom package.  East African properties offers clients an initial assessment in which requirements are established and advice given for appropriate service options. A typical package may consist of: Orientation Tour, Arrival & Settling-In, and Home Search.